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Call for Abstracts - Extended

The call for abstracts for the 2024 Commerce, Economy, Trade & Public Health Conference, being held from Monday 18 November to Tuesday 19 November 2024, are now open. We invite abstract submissions for long oral, and rapid-fire, and poster presentations. 

The 2024 Commerce, Economy, Trade & Public Health Conference theme is: ‘Opportunities and threats.'

The policies and practices of public and private market actors have significant bearing on the state’s capacity to promote and protect human health and the healthiness of the environments in which people work, live, and play. This conference will focus on the interface between commerce, economy, trade, and public health, and in particular how these priorities and actions can be balanced to improve outcomes equitably within and across societies.

Commerce, economy, and trade directly touch on many aspects of public health and its regulation, including access to medicines, prevention of non-communicable diseases, political and commercial determinants of health, health security, public procurement, and pandemic preparedness, as well as structuring the broader socioeconomic and political conditions that shape human health and health equity. There is a need to understand the diverse impacts of commerce, economy, and trade on health, and to equitably protect and promote health through improved policy coherence.

The aim of the conference is to bring together current learnings and build a public health research agenda on market/commercial domains and human health. Areas of action that will be explored throughout the conference include strengthening governance for health, the interface between health and trade & investment, Indigenous knowledge and perspectives, equity of outcomes, political economy, the role of tax and finance systems, management of conflicts of interest, and redressing power relations within and between the public and private spheres. Contributions relevant to these topics are sought from those involved in public health, social science, political science, law, and policy research.

Abstract submissions close on Thursday 27 June 2024, at 11:59pm AEST



Conference sub-themes


We invite you to submit an abstract(s) related to evidence, accountability and/or action under the following session themes. This list of themes is not exhaustive and is intended to convey the breadth of topics of potential interest to conference delegates.

The 2024 Commerce, Economy, Trade & Public Health Conference will be guided by the below sub-themes (select all that are relevant):

  • International trade and investment and health.

  • Commercial and political determinants of health.

  • Wellbeing economies and other alternative economic systems.

  • Global, regional, and local governance for health.

  • Financialisation and finance systems

Presentation Types

We are asking abstract submitters to express interest in your preferred presentation method. Please note, this cannot be guaranteed.

Long Oral Presentations

Presenters have a total of 10 minutes to present and an additional 5-minute allowance for audience questions. Abstract submitted must have clear learning objectives and outcomes. Please note, places are limited.

Rapid-Fire Presentations

Presenters have a total of 6 minutes presentation time using up to 6 PowerPoint slides. The title slide, conflict of interest, and reference slide are not included in your 6-slide limit. Presenters will have a short 1-minute allowance for one audience question. Please note, places are limited.

Poster Display

Please provide a one-page A0-sized (w 841 mm × h 1189 mm) printed copy of your poster for display at the conference. In addition, all presenters must provide a PDF of the poster for the online portal. 

Whilst every effort will be made to accept an abstract for the nominated presentation format, the Scientific Advisory Committee reserves the right to allocate a different presentation type if appropriate.

Please note, concurrent sessions will only be available to F2F delegates at the venue.

Workshops: There will be no Expression of Interest offered for this conference.

Abstract submissions close on Thursday 27 June 2024, at 11:59pm AEST

Abstract Submission

We welcome submission of abstracts for presentations relevant to the Conference theme and sub-themes.


All abstracts will be put through the filter of Evidence, Accountability, Actionwith the expectation that at least two of those three will be prominent in every abstract. 


Priority will be given to presentations that offer critical or reflective comment rather than purely program or descriptive papers.


Papers that have clear public health significance in association with the Conference theme will be considered.


Presentations by and with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are particularly welcome. Presentations by and with people who have lived experience of incarceration are also encouraged. 


Abstracts submitted must clearly show how the presentation will present key learnings and outcomes in association with the conference themes.


We encourage submitters to think about the story they are trying to relay, and how they will make the presentation dynamic to keep the audience engaged.


All abstracts are to be submitted electronically using the Abstract Submission Portal button below.



Abstract Submission Guidelines

Please refer to the Abstract Submission Guidelines prior to submitting your abstract. 

Abstract submissions close on Thursday 27 June 2024, at 11:59pm AEST


All presenters must be registered and pay the Conference registration fee.

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