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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Plenary Hub

The Public Health Association of Australia's new virtual conference experience the 'Plenary Hub' will replace the previous hybrid conferences.

​The 2024 Commerce, Economy, Trade & Public Health Conference will be held face-to-face in Melbourne. Delegates can register to attend in Melbourne and have the full conference experience or register for the 'Plenary Hub' at a lower registration cost.

​The plenary hub experience will include the below:

  • Live streamed plenary sessions

  • Written questions to keynote speakers through the live Q&A function

  • Plenary session recordings available on demand for 3 months following the conference

  • Delegate hub (ability to connect with other delegates)

  • Sponsor & exhibitor information


The plenary hub experience will not include:

  • Recorded or live concurrent sessions

  • Sponsor & exhibitor interaction

  • Virtual networking sessions

Face-to-face delegates will also receive full access to the 'Plenary Hub' as part of their registration.

​We also invite pre-recorded abstract presentations for those unable to attend at the venue. The recordings will be played in the room. Please note, no concurrent session presentations will be available to view in the plenary hub.

​If you would like to know more, please contact the events team on,


Registering for the Conference

How do I register?

To register for the Conference, click on the following link to be directed to the registration site. You must register and pay in order to attend the face-to-face conference or receive access to the plenary hub Conference platform.


I am not a PHAA member. How do I join?

PHAA Members have access to reduced Registration Fees to participate in the Conference. To become a PHAA member today, visit the PHAA Website.

What is included in the F2F Conference registration fee?

We will be providing you with our traditional three-day conference format, which includes live plenary and concurrent sessions. Delegates will also be able to attend the networking function and exhibition booths located in the catering space. In addition to the face-to-face components, you will also have access to the online on demand content for viewing at your leisure. 


What is included in the Plenary Hub Conference registration fee?

We will be providing you with our traditional three-day conference format, broken down into live plenary sessions. You will not need to sit for three consecutive days to watch the content. These will be made available for viewing both live and on-demand and will be available for a limited time after the official conference has concluded. 

Do you offer group registration?

You can register a group of participants via the Group Registration Portal, located on the Registration page. However, each participant must pay their individual registration fee in order to obtain an individual access code to the online content and to attend the face-to-face conference. We are unable to offer shared registrations. Each registrant must use an email address unique to them as that is their unique identifier to access to the portal. 

Why do I have to register to participate?

By registering to participate in our Conference you are helping the Public Health Association of Australia continue its work in a variety of public health topics. All presenters and co-presenters will be required to purchase an appropriate conference registration. 


I can no longer attend the Conference. Can I give my login to a colleague?

Should you no longer be able to participate in the Conference we ask you to contact so your registration can be transferred. We do not recommend sharing your login information with anyone as this contains the personal information your provided upon registering. ​Alternatively, up until day one of the conference, you may switch registration types. Please advise the events team.

Presenting at the Conference

​I would like to submit an abstract. What do I do?

The process for submitting abstracts has not changed. Click on the 'Call for Abstracts' tab. There you will be directed to a portal to submit your abstract. The only difference from previous years is the format in which you will deliver your presentation. If your abstract is accepted into the Conference program, you will receive full instructions on how to prepare and upload your presentation.

I need to make a change to my abstract. How do I do this?

Please contact for any changes to your abstract. Closer to the Conference we will advise all presenters a cut-off date for changes permitted.  ​


Viewing the virtual Conference

Do I need to download anything to view the Virtual Conference?

No. Registered delegates will be emailed their access details to the online Conference site a few days prior to the conference commencing. Our sessions use integrated software connected with Zoom and other streaming services. These sessions and videos will play automatically in your browser. You can use your laptop or PC (tablets and smartphones are not recommended, due to screen size).

For the best viewing experience, we recommend that you join the conference using a supported internet browser, which includes Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Please also remember a stable broadband or wi-fi connection is recommended.

Can I watch from multiple devices at the same time?

You can use any device to watch the Conference (computer, smart phone, tablet). The recommended device is a computer or laptop. Please note, only one device can access your account at any one time. Please do not share your registration login with anyone.


Can I stream the Conference on a big screen or television?

Chromecast - If you have Google Chromecast, you can view the sessions on your television screen, direct from your smart phone using your wi-fi network. For more instructions visit this link.


AppleTV - If you have an Apple TV and and iPhone/iPad, you can stream a video to your AppleTV and watch it on the big screen. Use AirPlay directly from your iOS device via your wi-fi network. For more instructions visit

PHAA's Public Health Catering Guidelines around healthy food and alcohol

Healthy food

PHAA adopts ecologically sustainable, culturally appropriate and healthy food practices to improve public health outcomes, including:

  • Ensuring food and beverages are in keeping with dietary guidelines.

  • Ensuring cultural food practices are considered.

  • Reducing the use of chemical additives used in food production.

  • Promoting agricultural practice that minimises ecological damage and minimises water use.

  • Ensuring key allergens are considered; and

  • Minimising food surpluses and wastage.

Venues are also asked to limit the use of unhealthy discretionary foods and protect the environment. We encourage venues to avoid single use cups, plates, cutlery and packaging. Food and beverages should be served in reusable, washable containers. It is equally important that venues which host events reduce the food-related environmental footprint of the event and ensure locally grown and sustainably produced nutritious and safe foods are available and provided at the event, whenever possible.



PHAA ensures the hosting conference provide plain drinking water, plus, still or sparkling water, excluding bottled water. Service of sugar sweetened beverages (for example soft drink, fruit juice) are kept to a minimum ensuring that adequate alternatives, for example fruit infused waters are available. Hot beverages for example, tea and coffee, will be served with reduced and low-fat milk options provided.

Alcoholic beverages

No alcohol is to be supplied or included in packages at events conducted under the auspices of PHAA. Any event arranged by PHAA is not to provide or serve alcohol as a routine and freely distributed part of the provision of hospitality at the event. This includes adding the supply of alcohol into the price of registration, such as beverage packages. However, every effort will be made to ensure – when the event and venue is appropriate - attendees are freely able to purchase alcoholic beverages at their own expense.

Further Assistance

For additional assistance, please contact the PHAA Events Team at


P: 02 6285 2373

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